Tuesday, April 14, 2009

T.E.A. Party

Let me ask you a question. How old are you? Are you old enough to remember Nikita Kruschev banging his shoe on the table at the U.N.? If so, do you also remember he said that communism would take over America? Not by brutal force, but by quiet and smooth infiltration into the most important sectors of our society. That would be our schools and our government. Well, I am old enough to remember those days when we feared communism. The days of rehearsing bomb drills and wondering if we were going to have a "next day". Now I know that Mr. Kruschev was right, at least up until this point in time.
We must recognize that we are about to become a different nation than we were originally intended to be. Socialism is just another way of saying communism and no matter how you say it or what you call it, that is where we are headed.
On April 15, 2009 we, as a mostly silent majority, must come together in our communities across this great Country of ours and stand up for HER. Lets take Her back. She belongs to us and we can no longer afford to allow liberal, communist, low-life, freedom hating, baby-killing, dope smoking, Military-hating "progressives" to run our lives. All I want is my AMERICA back. The way She was in all her glory. Who cares what other countries think? When we were there to save those countries, they loved us. If they don't want to remember that then so be it. Let's get out there on April 15 and show not only our politicians we don't need them or want them but let's show the rest of the world that we are BACK!!!