Monday, September 21, 2009

Flip Flop “Roads Commissioner”

Flip Flop “Roads Commissioner”

(Brunswick, Maryland) Frederick County Commissioner Charles Jenkins, who proclaimed himself the “Roads Commissioner” in the 2002 election, recently said the following about improvements to I-270 “workers who now make the drive won’t see the benefits of the state plans in their working careers.”

Jenkins made similar comments this summer, after voting to divert $500 million from road construction to the purple line in Montgomery County, stating, “If somebody is 45 years old now and commuting down 270, it's probably safe to say they'll be retired by the time it's done."

Michael Hough, candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates (District 3B), said “It is total unacceptable to the thousands of commuters from Frederick County that I-270 will not be widened for at least another 20 years.” Hough continued “We need leaders who will vote to fix our roads now and not send our tax dollars to another mass transit project. It is wrong that Jenkins would run on the issue of roads and then after being elected throw his hands up in the air and give up on this important issue.”

Flip Flop Charlie’s reversal goes along with his recent flip flops on the Incinerator, the Purple Line, property taxes, and funding for a embryonic stem cell research company.


Authority Hough for Delegate, Joseph Craw, Treasurer

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