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I Am America - Krista Branch!

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Just 99 days...Senator Alex X. Mooney


26 July 2010

Did you know there are just 99 days left until the election on November 2nd?

Since we kicked off the campaign, I have knocked on thousands of door and campaigned tirelessly with the help of many wonderful volunteers.  Campaigns attracts volunteers who invest their time and efforts in making sure their candidate is successful, and I want to tell you about a few of my volunteers:

Howie and Elyssa are both law school students who understand that we need conservative leaders in Annapolis to fight for our values. Howie spends his free weekends knocking on doors with me in Frederick and Washington Counties, and Elyssa worked with her mother, Dr. Lourdes Orta, to ensure our "Women for Mooney" event was a great success.

Mary and Molly are retirees living in Frederick County who understand many hands make light work. They have spent hours addressing letters and stuffing envelopes for various mail projects. Their friendly conversation attracts many who stop by the headquarters to pick up signs or talk about the race.

Sasha expressed interest in the campaign before the end of Session, and she has faithfully worked in our office for weeks, completing various projects and addressing important issues.

David is a high school student who wants to get involved in politics. I am glad that he chose to join my campaign. He is a bright young man and is great to have around the office.

These are just a few of the people who have invested long hours and many weeks into this campaign, and I am grateful for their commitment. In any campaign, though, there are always more tasks than volunteers, and I encourage you to join our campaign today in any way that you can to see to it that we are successful in November. E-mail Kathy, our volunteer coordinator, today to get involved:

If you can't invest your time in our campaign, I ask that you contribute $100, $50, or $25 today. Every dollar goes toward spreading our campaign's message of limited government and economic prosperity.

Remember: We're just 99 days from the election. Every hour or dollar invested helps. I encourage you to get involved where you can. Thank you.


Senator Alex X. Mooney
Frederick and Washington Counties

1705 N. Market Street
Frederick, MD 21701

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RCS_3626 - Tax payer funded candy!

Do tax payers really want to pay for candy to be given out?

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RCS_3616 = Go Green Energy Conference

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Senator David Brinkley 2010

Friends and supporters of Senator David Brinkley gathered at the Linganore Wine Cellars to kick off the Senator's re-election campaign. Click Here for videos!

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