Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maryland Job Creation Plan

Hough Releases Maryland Job Creation Plan

(Brunswick, Maryland) Michael Hough, candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates (District 3B), released a Job Creation and Economic Recovery Plan today. Michael believes high taxes and overregulation are destroying jobs in Maryland and sending employers to other states. “We need to cut taxes, cut government red tape for small business owners, and work to create private-sector jobs,” said Hough.

Cut Taxes
  • Roll back the O’Malley tax increases

  • Create Private-Sector Jobs
  • Competitively bid out non-essential government services to the private-sector

  • Cut Red Tape for Business Owners
  • Establish a Business Ombudsman to assist businesses with regulations and to report on how government agencies work with businesses
  • Review all existing occupational licensing requirements and eliminate unnecessary ones
  • Exempt small businesses from unnecessary regulations

  • Tax Credits
  • $500 tax credit on unemployment taxes for hiring a worker who has been on unemployment for more than 60 days
  • $1,200 income tax credit for employers who keep previously unemployed workers for more than 12 months

  • “Instead of increasing taxes and government spending or having the government pick winners and losers by giving funds to one or two companies—we need to create an environment where entrepreneurs can start a business and companies will be encouraged to come to Maryland and stay,” stated Hough.


    Authority Hough for Delegate, Joseph A. Craw, Treasurer