Saturday, October 4, 2008

Did Obama Really Say That?

Something was said during the last Presidential candidate debate that I believe is very important to bring to light. Not having heard anyone comment on this statement or "mis-statement", I started thinking maybe it wasn't really said. After finding the transcript and trudging through it, there it was. Candidate Obama indeed referred to America as a "shining beacon on the hill". OUCH!!

Being a Reagan Republican, that really hurts. I would love to say to Senator Obama that we Republicans do not care for a liberal democrat to try and quote a great President, and if you do, at least get it right. It was in President Reagan's Farewell Address to this great Nation that he referred to The United States as "The Shining City On The Hill". That's "CITY" not "BEACON". If Obama needs to use the words of Republicans, maybe he's a little more confused than we thought.
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