Wednesday, October 1, 2008

RE Slots from Senator Alex X. Mooney

Dear Supporter,

Conservative Republicans should be outraged by Martin O'Malley's slots boondoggle. I've always been opposed to expanding gambling because, like so many of us, I think it is the wrong way to balance our budget or supposedly fund education. But, it's important to point out that this is not - I repeat NOT - Bob Ehrlich's slots plan that some of my Republican colleagues supported. This is a big government liberal slots plan that will do nothing to solve Maryland's budget crisis.

This weekend, I was on Bob and Kendel Ehrlich's radio show that was devoted to slots. Gov. Ehrlich made his opposition to this Constitutional amendment clear, saying, "What people need to understand is, this is not my bill; this is not even anywhere close to my bill. And I'm very fearful that this bill is bad policy."

We must oppose enshrining slot machine gambling into our Constitution!

Do you trust the liberal insiders in Annapolis with slots? I sure don't. Recent polling suggests that the fate of the slots referendum is in the hands of Republicans. Democrats are split on the issue and the polling says that we Republicans are giving O'Malley and his liberal friends in Annapolis the margin of victory they need to pass their big government slots plan and increase wasteful government spending.

We've got to spread the word that slots are morally bankrupt and we've got to make sure that our fellow Republicans know that this isn't Bob Ehrlich's slots plan. This is a big government far left liberal power grab and we've got to stop it. Time and again, Annapolis insiders have made big government promises that they can't keep. It's what's gotten our state into the fiscal mess we're in and their slots plan won't fix it. It's fiscally irresponsible and it enshrines gambling into our Constitution - a place where gambling should never be.

We've got to turn the tide and stop O'Malley's big government slots scheme!

If you want to stop slot machines in Maryland, I hope you'll get involved with the bipartisan coalition Marylanders United to Stop Slots. They are a broad based coalition that includes both Democrats and Republicans like Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, myself, the House Republican Caucus, and our conservative friends at the Red Maryland blog and the Maryland Taxpayers Association. It's time for Democrats and Republicans to come together to stop Martin O'Malley's big government slots plan!

I urge you to sign up and join Marylanders United to Stop Slots - make a contribution if you can - and, together, we can stop O'Malley's slots boondoggle.


Thanks so much for your time.


Senator Alex X. Mooney, Maryland

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